Saturday, April 3, 2010

We have spent the last couple of weeks in the Roto Sonic Sound studio working on the first few tracks of our new tribute CD. Thus far we have the rough mixes for
" Going Away","Pig Hollow",
" Miner's Lullaby " and
" Scofeild Mine Disaster ". Our plan is to finish the rough mixes by the end of April, take a deep breath, listen to it all and start making plans for overdubs and such. We hope to begin work on the final mix in the fall.
In the meantime we have been doing house concerts and small gigs in the coffee shops around town to raise dough for our little project. It's all very exciting and the studio work has been amazing. I am glad we made the decision to comprise the CD of fresh studio work. And did I mention that all of the artists that are playing guitar on their tracks are using dad's old road worn Guild guitar, it sounds fantastic. To have the opportunity to sit in the studios control room and listen to folks perform dad's songs and playing dad's guitar is very touching. Check out the CD project page for some pictures, song list and a few sound bites.