Sunday, June 22, 2008

From A friend and fellow Anarchist

For Utah

We talk of him now
in the past tense
the is of a moment ago
has become was
the physical
now is spirit
it is time
the great distiller
reducing and refining
the stuff of lives
into essence
into the ether he goes
leaving the now
for the long road
of memory

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Joanie from the SLC said...


First and foremost, this post is incredibly beautiful... Powerful, honest words.

I just wanted to tell you briefly that it was an honor to meet you just before you went back to see the lovely Ani after the show. I am the one who introduced you to my sentimental, misty-eyed friend, Jewls. She introduced me to your Father... I told you the story.
He was & is an amazing man with an indescribable talent for words. I truly wish that I would've had the opportunity to listen to him live, however, his words still exist for many to hear & appreciate for years to come. His energy remains & shall remain through those words...

Blessings to you & yours.
Love & light,