Sunday, August 24, 2008

Some folks have asked about directions to the cemetery where dad is buried so I am posting a link to directions from downtown Nevada City. There are two cemeteries on red dog, Forest View is on the Left or North side of Red Dog. Dad is in the back North East corner towards a blue house that boarders the cemetery.

On to other news. some of the folks here in SLC are planning a tribute concert for Saturday Sept. 27, at the Fine Arts Theatre on the University of Utah campus. Maybe I'll see some of you there.

Ken Sanders and I are still working on republishing dad's old song book. The only thing holding up the project is myself. I can't seem to make my self sit down and write the new forward and pick out some photos to add to the song book. Mostly because I have been spending my spare time learning to play and sing. I know it sounds odd that up until now I haven't played or sang much. I know dad always wanted to see and hear me on stage but it was something I just couldn't make myself do. When I was much younger I never saw the logic in learning something that was one of the things that kept dad and I so far apart ( kids logic) and as I grew older I thought " how can I possibly measure up". But now that I have dad's old Guild I think with it comes a certain obligation. So I must play. Ben Pearl myself and Mark Ross are going to do tribute set at Winterfolk in Portland this winter. Sisters of The Road, Portland and Winterfolk was the road trip dad and I looked forward to most every year. I think 04 was the last time we made it, might have been 05, either way it's been far to long.
It will be nice to see our old friends again. I hope the show doesn't turn out to be a poor mans Gallagher show and I throw up on the first row.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Duncan, I was just turning the computer of for the next 1 1/2 months. The directions will help when we roll into town. Good luck with the playing. Seems you come from good stock and should not have a real bad time to pick that stuff up. Bad thing is the good ones make it look so easy. Sorry we won't get to catch Mark as we drift through his neck of the woods. Take err easy and thanks again. Keith Bednar

Anonymous said...

Hi again Duncan; First off thanks for the directions. Debbie and I found the cemetery with no problems. Was glad to see a "Sisters of the road" token along with a IWW pin and a vets against the war hats all on your dads grave. We did not put anything down but a few thoughts. It was a rewarding trip. On a sad note they took the tramp exibit down at the California RR museum. I was bummed!! Also thanks for the good tip on the hotel in ELY,NV. Wow what a long empty road though. Hope all is well with the lessons from Mark. Sorry we missed him on this trip. Good luck to ya, Take err easy. Keith Bednar

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the playing. Seems you come from good stock and should not have a real bad time to pick that stuff up.
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