Monday, February 16, 2009


Sorry for the slow updates, as soon as the show was over I could tell that I was no longer going to be able put off getting sick. I spent most of last week on Brendan's sofa sleeping and nursing some sort of chest cold. Finally on Thursday I felt well enough to make a dash for home so I could spend the next three days on my own sofa. Thankfully today I feel much better. I do recall if dad got sick on the road usually it was at Winterfolk.

As for the show and other news.
The show went well. The entire show was a tribute show for dad so it was the perfect place to try something on stage. When I first heard that we were going to close the show so Rosalie could get ready to head of to the Grammies I was a little concerned but in reality it turned out to be the perfect spot for us. The plan was for me to take the stage first, tell a short story about dad and I getting back together and set up the rest of the set. After Tom introduction I took the stage but the sound guys weren't ready yet so instead of just sitting there with dead air I took my camera out of my vest pocket and snapped a picture of the audience. Tom looked a little confused when the flash went off while he was still trying prolong the intro.

It worked out well though it gave me a way to ease in to the set with a quick laugh.
I though best to be honest with the audience so after the opening story I explained that "I am neither a singer nor a musician but that were always two things that dad wanted to see me do. One was to be arrested the other was to perform on stage" The I introduced the rest rest of the guys. My Little brother Brendan(played the Banjo), Mark Ross (played Guitar and Dobro) and my good friend from Davis Ben Pearl also played guitar. We did " Daddy What's a Train " for the first song. I elected to just sing since having only been practicing by myself I am not used to playing with more instruments so it made it easier ( some what )for me to keep time. I know most folks would recommend against closing a show in front 650 plus folks for the first time to sing in public but to me it felt like the right time and place and I think we pulled it off. For me that simply means I remembered all the words and didn't get arrested by the music police although if I had it would have covered the other part of dad's want list all in one night. Next Brendan played and sang " ships Gonna Sail" one of dad's newer songs. It was amazing dad would have been proud. After that I sang a song that I wrote for dad several years ago Called " Long Gone " I was a little rough and not exactly like we rehearsed it but I guess that's why one has to hearse be fore you can rehearse. We close the set with Dad's long time old friend "Smokestack" Mark Ross telling a couple of stories and singing "Hallelujah I'm A Bum" followed by the "Hymn Song". All in all I think it went well and looking back I don't think that I was nervous. After working and thinking about it for so long I was both excited to finally get to do it and glad to get it over with.
So what's next you may ask. Well it looks like Cloud Moss is going to let us come down to the Kate Wolf Festival in June and do a tribute set for dad. I"ll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

It was great working with you Duncan.

Mark Ross

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Duncan. Sure do wish Debbie and I could have been there. Just hope the show made you all feel as good as it made me feel reading about it. Take err easy. Keith Bednar

Anonymous said...

Hey Duncan,

Glad it went well, and I'm glad someone did 'Ship Gonna Sail' I think it is one of Bruce's best and a song that is important for these times. Did he perform the introduction for it as well?

Mike Taub

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the show, thanks for the update, keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

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