Sunday, August 9, 2009

I apologize for not posting more often. During the summer months my toil is fairly intense. Most nights blogging is the last thing on my mind, hang in there until winter and i will post more often. There are a few things that I am working on. First of I am working on getting Rosalie a gig here in SLC sometime this fall. If it works out Ben, Gigi and I will open for here. How cool will that be? We are also working on a gig at the U of U on Nov. 19, This one will be a labor show with some folks here in SLC Nov. 19, is the day Joe Hill was executed or more accurately, murdered by the State of Utah after he was convicted of shooting a shop keeper and his son. I also plan to make it up to Spokane some time in December to visit Sheila, Brendan and Morrigan's mom. I haven't had the chance to see her since dad's death. We might do a house concert or something, we'll see. If any of you have ideas on places to visit and folks willing to put together a house concert or two along the way please do let me know as I plan to travel a bit in my off months and visit some of dad's old friends and favorite towns. We are still working on re releasing dad's old song book. I haven't talked to Ken about it lately, I think the slow economy has slowed the project down a bit. But not to worry we will get it done sooner than later.
Thanks again for the posts. I may not update the blog that often but I do think about it and all of the wonderfull folks that send comments.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you Duncan. We all know what you are talking about when you say "summer". The time seems to just leap on by.I like that shot in front of the UP steam engine. Good luck with all the future plans. Chico

Anonymous said...

I like that shot in front of the UP steam engine.
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Mike Taub said...

Seeing you and that engine reminds me of a story Bruce told about his time at the Folk Life Festival in Spokane in the 70's. Seems there was a big steam engine that was part of the exhibit. IIRC, Bruce said that one day, when he was inspired, he and another fellow blackened their faces, and jumped in the boiler. When tourists looked in, they started telling about the engine and telling old railroad stories.

This story ring a bell with anyone?

Keep posting Duncan, love reading the blog.

Whoa, the word verification for this is 'gonso' wow

Anonymous said...

Great to see that steam engine..Thanks for sharing..

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Jack said...

nice to see that band group..Hope u had a great time over their..take care..
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Jack said...
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Tsagiglalal said...

Actually, I was there the night everyone was in the boiler. It was someones b'day. I heard that Utah was the 2nd person in history to "streak" the boiler. I stood at the boiler door for a while and would open the door so someone could pop their head out to tell a bit about the train. It was a "hoot". I understand that it took many showers and baths to get the "boiler gunk" off.