Friday, February 5, 2010

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One of the projects from The Long memory is a tribute CD from the folks here in Utah.
here is the letter from the CD's producer Kate MacLeod.

Duncan Phillips, son of the legendary folksinger, social activist, storyteller and all-around lovable character, Utah Phillips, is creating a tribute recording in honor of his father and his father's musical contributions.
Duncan accompanied his father on many tours, and grew well-acquainted with his father's thoughts, wishes and opinions. Duncan has developed a vision of a tribute CD that reflects Utah Phillips, in a personal and authentic manner.
Though the recording has not been titled yet, this project is called The Long Memory Project. Since Utah took his name from and was influenced by the state of Utah, this recording will feature Utah-based musicians who have been influenced and inspired by Utah Phillips' music. They will perform some of Utah's Phillips' songs, there may also be some spoken word and possibly some recording of Utah's own speaking. Duncan has invited songwriter/fiddler/producer Kate MacLeod to produce this recording. We invite the public to donate funds to support this recording project in honor of Utah Phillips' memory. The donated funds will be used for recording studio time and manufacturing costs. The musicians will be donating their time and talent to the project. Sale income from the project will be used for preservation and further development of Utah Phillips' archives and legacy. By request, you can be added to an email mailing list in order to receive updates about the project from the production team. Recording on this project will begin in the latter half of March into the month of April, 2010. The mixing and mastering will follow accordingly, with a projected release for January of 2011.

Donations Made Payable To: Duncan Phillips
Mail Donations To: The Long Memory, P.O. Box 711668, Salt Lake City, UT, 84171
Mailing List for Updates: Request Through -

For Information About Utah Phillips' Career:
Blog link for Utah Phillips blog:
The Long Memory Site for Updates About this Project:

Thank You,
Duncan Phillips:
Producer: Kate MacLeod:,

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