Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy B-Day

Today is the day, Dad's 73 rd birthday, what a journey.
I think dad's recent letter said everything that need be said for now. His birthday does remind me of our first few road trips together.

Five or so years ago we reunited after many , many years apart. I would sit in the audience or off the wings of the stage and watch dad's shows. He had the usual stories of Big Bill, Mother Jones, little brother Brendan and Morraigan but then he would say " I traveled here with my oldest son Duncan, he's 43 and lives in Salt Lake" I used to say " what , that's all I get?" But the reality was that although we are father and son at that point in our lives we really didn't know that much about each other. Obviously a lot of water has passed under the trestle. It truly has been an amazing journey and I wouldn't change a thing.
Happy Birthday dad.

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Glen and Phamily said...

Hi Uncle Bruce,

happy birthday. We're delighted to know you have be blessed with 73 years of living and loving on this planet. What a precious human birth! Glad to hear you are plugging away. Have a great spring! The weather here in Washington reminds me of California! I was down visiting my mom, dad and siblings last weekend and it was in the mid 80's.
Take care and much love,
Glen (aka Philly G Dog), Anne and Chelsea (aka Corn Bread) Phillips