Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A note from Aurora Fox

Hi Everyone !
Thanks so much for helping to make this "healing blanket" for Utah Phillips!

I finished it last night and today we drove up to Nevada City (with
some friends) and gave the blanket toUtah. He was in good spirits,
talkative (as always) but seemed frail and easily tired. We stayed
quite awhile --he told stories, and Larry and Ray Bierl played and
sang a few songs. Utah also talked about some old songs and even sang
us a few. We all had a good time! and he loved the blanket and
admired it....

thanks are due to all the knitters:
Ceci Marker
Ceci's friend Laura (please pass this e-mail on to her Mike)
Kate Brislin
Kerry Parker
Debra Kalmon
Sharon Noel
Susan Weiss
Katie Hambly
Lisa Hubbell
Irene Herrmann
Marnie Potter

Many hugs to you all!


Anonymous said...

Dear people who receive this,
I want to thank you for this presentation of Utah Philips.
I had never heard of him before. Silly me. The sad part is that I do, or am attempting to do, similar as he...(Except I'm the only one who hears my tales, songs or poetry). And here I wasn't aware of one of the most important figures in this craft. Then to learn through his obituary, that through all the hard work, the struggle, the pain, the achievement, it always comes down to a song...And folk wages are to be expected when living in such a fringe world of human expression. In anticipation that I too might be drawn up into, caught by the fringe, then integrated within the greater fabric of life,that I might claim and play a purposeful role.
I blog, therefore I am.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I was sad to see the link on expectingrain.com about Mr. Phillips. What a treasure. Before my wife passed away, when she would cook something new, I'd always say, "It's good" and she would say, "Is it good or is it good THOUGH." After that, whenever I would hear him, I would think of her. And I still will.