Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Michigan Benefit

Brad up in Saugatuck MI. is interested in planing a benefit for Utah sometime in June at the Boathouse. If thee is anybody body in the area and you are interested in helping maybe you can contact Brad.
Brad Raffenaud

I know that I have not posted much lately, the truth is my dad and I have been playing phone tag the last couple of weeks. After seeing dad in the hospital during the month of Feb. I know first hand how quickly his health can turn and every time my phone rings my heart skips a beat. So when I don't talk to him for awhile I'm sure he is marching along, it's the old no news is good news thing.

When I do talk with dad on the phone it's some how different now. Our conversations are more meaningful, not in some deep philosophical way it's much more generic than that. In the past we always talked about our next road trip or some song one of the two of us was working. But now we talk at length about everyday boring stuff you know like getting your hair cut, mowing the lawn or the weather, it's odd we talk about stuff we never talked or even cared about before. It dawned on me the other day when I was driving around, we talk just to talk, just to hear each others voice. The truth is if we said nothing at all we would probably still sit there with the phone to our ear, it's the connection between two friends we enjoy. The reality is we linger on for so long because neither of us wants to say goodbye.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again Duncan for your message. Keith Bednar

cs said...

That's exactly right, Duncan. As a father, nothing is more significant, or interesting, or satisfying than being with your son and talking about nothing in particular. There is a deepness shared that is beyond speech or intelligence. It is heaven on earth. My own father and I try to get together once a week, just to have coffee. Dad always has projects we never begin for one reason or the other, which amounts to laziness, I imagine.

Anyhow. Thanks for your little "Father/Son" story.

BK Lick said...

Well said, Duncan -- well said!

Portland Gray said...

Stopped in a week and a half ago and had a wonderful dinner of chicken soup and chocolate ice cream cones with Utah and Joanna. Utah was complaining that the scoops of ice cream were too small.

The chicken soup was provided by one of the cadre of local folk who have relieved them of the burden of having to cook every day.

Utah was up and about and in good spirits and dressed like Ethiopian royalty. The joke Rolodex was in fine fettle. We three had a delightful evening discussing everything from the kids to Vic and Sade.

Personally, I have grown weary of talking about BIG subjects with GREAT import, and enjoy just talking shit.

I fear I stayed too long, Utah was looking a little gray about the gills when I left at 10:00, but we were all just enjoying each other's company so much, it was hard to break away.

Portland Gray