Thursday, May 22, 2008

Saturday Benefit

A Benefit for U. Utah Phillips "The Golden Voice of the Great Southwest"
Saturday May 24th, 4-7 PM at Paonia Town Park Stage
Sponsored by Starr's Guitars and Co-Sponsored by KVNF
FREE Live Music Featuring, Bill Powers and the Silvertone Devils, Russ Chapman, Hard Pressed and Bob and Diana Sukiel (members of The Rose Tattoo--which is the extended family of fellow friends and musicians associated with Utah)

Join us in Celebration of an American treasure-a true eclectic, archivist, historian, activist, musician, songwriter, philosopher, hobo, tramp, member of the IWW and just about everything in between.
Utah Phillips is struggling with health costs associated with his heart condition. All money raised will go to a fund set up to help with his medical expenses.

The music is Free! Donations are encouraged and greatly appreciated. Starr's Guitars has donated a guitar to be auctioned. The Guitar will travel with Larry and Gail Davidson to Nevada City to be signed by Utah and members of The Rose Tatoo at the big "Rendevous" there the following week. The guitar will then be returned to the highest bidder. There will be various other pieces of memorabilia and art to be auctioned as well as a bunch of Utah's CDs available for purchase.

Bring a picnic and enjoy some local roots based music in the shade of Paonia's
beautiful Town Park while you show your support for this Great American living legend. Paonia is on Colorado's western slope--and hour or so from Grand Junction
Also, on Tuesday May 20th, The "Just Us Folks" show on KVNF will feature all things Utah Phillips. We will have a call in from Utah himself and possibly have some live music and interviews in the studio as well. Tune in with Gail from 9:30-12 noon Tuesday, April 20th on KVNF or listen online at
For more info on Utah
For more info on the benefit call 970-527-5112


lynx said...

I just read that utah has passed on. I just wanted to wish all of Utah's family and personal friends my most heartfelt condolences. I don't know any of you, but thank you - thank you for sharing him with us and with the world. He was a great man and an inspiration for me and for so many people. I've written a short eulogy for him and posted him on my website. it's not much and it doesn't do him justice but it's the only words i could find.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to offer my deepest condolences...

Dear Utah, you've earned a FREE ride on the Western Pacific express extra, with #820/821 leading the consist, heading out of the station under full power pulling the Zepher to the Big Rock Candy Mountain ... don't worry my friend, the conductor won't be tossing any 'bo's off THIS train to hobo heaven...

-- Long John --
TUBBY TUNES Radio Show, KMUD-FM tunes

PS, don't forget to duck when you feel the deadman ropes hit you, warning you of a tunnel, as you take The Feather River Route to your pastoral destination ... PAX

And please do keep a seat for us at your campfire ... sooner of later, we'll all join you...

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to Utah singing right now on my local NPR station. The DJ just told us that Utah has passed on.

I've been a fan since I saw him at Pete Seeger's festival in Beacon.

Just wanted to thank you for this web site and offer my condolences.

Bless you Utah, and bless you, his family.

-Gene Allen

Kd said...

As I walked the road
The long road that wound it’s way from the places unknown
I chanced upon a traveler
A traveler with only a guitar
A traveler who carried stories as his load

We walked together in silence
Starlight dancing on rails of steel
The old iron rails where the mighty freights once rolled

And when we tired we found a camp
And joined the fellows there
Each with a different pack and grip
Each with a story to share

We laughed and joked and shared our pokes
Our wealth of canned spam and beans
Then between each course of the meal so rare
The stories spun so keen

Songs and spells of the workers
Tales of the true hobo ones
Of the bards and spinners who knew them all
And others who chose to come

We called out to ourselves as friends
This band that has no home
We sat ourselves silent and gently stared
With memories of the roam

Then softly a guitar was heard to play
And a voice began to speak
The traveler, it was, took up his tale
And we listened mild and meek

We roared when he called
We laughed when he joked
We nodded when he sung of home

He called up trains and planes and such
Old factories and working men
He called up dreams that hurt to touch
Of dreams that might have been

We sat there til the early dawn
And let his voice lead the way
Crack rising came the morning sun
And he put his guitar away

“Comrades all, my time is done
My life is ever through
The good Lord heard my dying prayer
And gave me this night with you.”

“And now I’ll wander amongst the stars
Singing my stories and rhymes
Walking with old men and railroad bums
In lands of honey and wine.”

“For I shall see Heaven and then beyond
What’s there, I do not know…
But as the Lord has made it all,
I’ll wager”, he grinned,
“It’s good, though!”

And then a freight came down the line
A beast of steam and steel
St. Peter was the engineer
St. Michael firing the deal

The traveler jumped the passing train
And waved us all adieu
Leaving us richer with what he brang
His stories and his views

I’ll ne’er forget his grizzled beard
His unkempt shirt
His well worn hat
The hours I’d sit as he talked and sang
The jokes that were filled with laughs

He’s gone on now
On down the road
His travels here are through
But many will know he lingered on
And many shall weep his due

Farewell, old man
Farewell, my friend
Farewell you old wandering bum
Heaven is richer now that you are there
And the Lord has called you on

We’ll meet again some starry night
In a camp up there in the skies
When silver rails carry us on trains
And we raise our voices high

The stories and songs once more we’ll sing
Until the crack of dawn
In hobo camps of silver and gold
With Utah leading us on

24 May 2008

Joe said...

Oh they tell me of a place far beyond the sky
They tell me of a home far away
They tell me of a home where no storm clouds rise
Oh they tell me of an uncloudy day

Oh the land of cloudless days
Oh the land of an uncloudy sky
Oh they tell me of a home where no storm clouds rise
Oh they tell me of an uncloudy day

I'm proud to say that I met,shook the hand of and chatted with your Father.God Bless and watch over you and your family.
Joe Paquette,Michigan,USA

Anonymous said...

Utah Phillips passed through the Washington, D.C. suburbs many years ago. He stayed at Helen Schneyer's house when in the area, and influenced many. There will never be another like him, and we were all lucky to absorb his love of life. Truly a unique gentleman.
I took him for a ride in my Model "A" coupe, and my memory is his laughing during most of the ride.....his mind going much faster than the car...
......Reed Martin

Anonymous said...

My memories are of someone with the unforgettable name of "U. Utah Phillips, the Golden Voice of the Great Southwest" being introduced at the Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, New York. As a sheltered kid from a small town in upstate New York forty minutes and a world apart, the name was exotically unforgettable enough to hook me even before this abundantly bearded, greatly talented singer and storyteller took the stage. Many thanks to the man, and with sincere condolences to his family and friends,
The Photoman
Miami, Fl.