Thursday, April 17, 2008

Canadian Donations

A note from Bruce Brackney.
In January I opened a trust account in Utah's
at our credit union and have used it to
convert benefit proceeds and Canadian checks
into U.S. funds and sent the $ down.
Feel free to post my particulars on the blog
for Canadians who wish to send Cndn checks
made out to me, and I'll continue to convert
the funds into U.S.
Bruce Brackney
1201 Colville Road
Victoria B.C. V9A 4R2

Also, you might want to mention that I do
keep an accounting of who sent how much and send it
along with the money orders. I think this would help
with folks being aware that Utah will know who the donors
are rather than their donations being namelessly converted
into a larger lump sum.

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