Sunday, April 13, 2008


I spoke with dad earlier in the day, he had just returned home from church were he had given a short talk. His health is o.k. he sounds a little tired but good. I can only imagine after so many years on the road that being home and not planning for the next gig might be as hard or harder to get used to than dealing with his medical condition. I know he always looked forward to being able to come off the road but I'm sure he thought it would be on his terms. I guess in a way it was , his heart and body did what his mind couldn't make itself do.

He has a hernia that he will have to have removed in the near future. It shouldn't be any big deal but anytime Utah has to go under the knife even for the simplest of procedures, it can turn serious in a hurry. He also has a bit of gout but the new medication he takes works well and has eased his discomfort a great deal.

Utah had his first unchaperoned trip out and about in town yesterday. He said it feel very liberating to be on his own and free to do what ever he wanted, it must have felt similar to when he left Utah in the late 60's.
There are a number of benefits in the works I am waiting for a complete list to update the blog. Dad did want me to ask if anyone has any info on the benefit Harry Tuft is putting together in Denver.


Anonymous said...

do you have an international bank-account-number, where people can send money for utah? we were asked, because the people here don´t want to send money by mail from germany. sorry for my english.

gary said...

hi: I will check on the benefit that Harry Tuft is working on at Swallow Hill and let you know... that is, of curse, unless Harry is reading these blogs?

Damn, sooo sorry about the hernia - and the gout - but these two shall pass - hopefully soon and very smoothly!

We just had a 30 year reunion of the Rocky Flats Truth Force who sat on the tracks at Rocky Flats for a year blocking the train from coming in to haul out the waste -- It was an inspiring weekend, Dan Ellsberg came for the whole weekend - he was one of the Truth Force people, and his slides and stories were awesome... people were very inspired and motivated to more action - it was wonderful.

What exciting news about the ILWU's blocking of the West Coast Ports on May Day calling to end the war and bring home the troops! We're working on a solidarity action in Boulder -- More soon. Solidarity and much love. betty and gary

Anonymous said...

various health info there books etc

i wonder if strauss heart drops work

good luck and health

theharmonyclash at myspace

Larry Kellogg said...

I was honored to see Utah last year sharing the Arlo Hagler (KMUD programmer, friend) Memorial stage with Joe Craven (another friend) at the Kate Wolf concert. It was to me a stunning performance. I may be slightly preferential here considering the venue. It went straight to my heart. So glad I got to shake your hand amigo! Peace & Vision Larry Kellogg KMUD programmer (Wild River Radio Show)

infocowboyny said...

Oh man, this is truly amazin'
I remember -- a few years ago now -- sitting with rapt (well such as a teen can have) attention as U Utah Phillips gave us guitar lessons and oh so many great worker songs at the UU church and the university in Salt Lake City. That must of been 1967-68ish. What a great gift that was and I still do remember some of the songs altho I have no doubt morphed them into my own versions over the years.
Thank you Utah.
chuck thomas
Montgomery New York - just down the road a bit from Rosendale where I will be headed for a benefit this Sunday.