Monday, April 21, 2008

Roesendale Update

I received an e-mail from Sarah Underhill it sounds like the Rosendale benefit was a huge success, Utah phoned in just as Pete Seegar was taking the stage. I tried to get a hold of dad to give him the news and get a medical update to post be he wasn't home.
So instead I will tell you a quick story about a budding magician.

Last Sunday morning I was driving to moms house for our weekly trip to the grocery store. My normal rout takes me down, for anyone familiar with Salt Lake, Thirteenth East towards the North end of the valley. Where Thirteenth intersects 39 th I missed the signal light as I normally do. Luckily for me and everyone that had the good fortune to miss the signal light that morning the duplex on the corner has a back yard that faces the street. On this day in that back yard was a young man, ten or so, dressed in a over sized black cape, matching top hat, red bow tie and long white gloves holding a long thin silver wand with which he was doing magic tricks for the temporarily parked cars. Idly I sat as the young magician pulled off the multiplying ball trick. First he presented one bright red ball to his car bound audience then deftly he stuffed his had under his arm pit waved his wand and sharply pulled his hand out. To my amazement he now held in his hand two red balls were before there had only been one.
I applauded, the young magician did what all great magicians do, bowed to his audience and prepared for the next show that was only a red light away. Every time I stop at that light I hope for a show but have yet to see magician. I'm sure he has since moved on to New York, L.A. or maybe Paris

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