Sunday, March 16, 2008

April 6, Benefit Concert


A gathering of Maine and New England Performers
in support oh Utah. form ore than forty years his
songs have been sung by thousands of people
from hobo camp - fires to the Grand Old Opry,
from the Kremlin to the Washington Monument.
Join us in support of this good man who has given so much to so many for so long.

Featuring: Gordon Bok, Micheal Cooney, Kendall & Jackie Morse, Scott Alarik, Becky & Rob McCall, Allison Dibble, Sean Mercer, Jay Peterson, And Others

Blue Hill Congregational Church - Sunday, April 6, 3 - 6 P.M. Suggested Donation $10 - Information 207-359-5559



Anonymous said...

We are going to miss him here in WI. on May Day :(

It would be wonderful if there were a benmifit concert in our area.

Best wishes to him for a quick recovery and many more wonderful years.


We're trying to get something together in Chicago.
Talked to Larry Penn this morning and he said the IWW in Madison had one scheduled for May 14th. I tried to contact them to offer to come up and play, but we haven't connected.
The Milwaukee IWW was talking about doing one as well.
If anyone wants to co-ordinate efforts or wants to keep abreast of what we're trying to do -

W said...

Happy Easter, Utah. Hope you feel ok. Good luck and best wishes. You're the modern Joe Hill, so keep on keeping on!