Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 13, Hello

I spoke with dad last night, he sounds good. For the first time that I can remember he is actually changing his diet to help him gain weight. The doctors have also reduced daily dosage of Lasix, that in it's self is a very good sign and it should help him gain some weight.

His days are a bit of a roller coaster ride. One minute he raring to go and the next he is taking a nap, he truly does take each day as it comes but all in all it sounds like he has adjusted well to his new routine.

He has started to do a little work from home, you know things like making phone calls to benefit producers, short phone interviews and he is committed to play his guitar every day. There were a few stretches last month in the hospital that I wasn't sure if he would make it home, so even the smallest chores and pleasures he works in to each day are huge to me.

I spoke with dad about the on-line archive that I propose to develop, he thinks it's a great idea and is very curious to see some of the things people have collected over the years. I am currently building the web page and should have it up and running by the end of April.

Here in the U.S folks had gotten use to seeing the GVGSW roll through their town every couple of years but there are many, many fellow workers and fans around the world that have never seen may father perform live. It will be very exciting to share the bulk of dads work with the world. I know that the internet may not be the most traditional format for an archive but it is effective.
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Thanks Duncan

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Erica and Sebastian said...

Please send my best wishes to Utah, he has inspired me since I was a teenager, and I listen to his songs and stories whenever I feel too mired in the word sewage that flows out of Washington everyday. Thanks!