Saturday, March 1, 2008

March 1, U. Utah Cyborg and the Blog

Just before I left for home I gave dad a very basic tutorial on how to go through the blog and read the comments. As a result of his being home more often and for longer periods of time he plans on keeping up with the blog, so dad wanted me to encourage everyone to keep reading and posting on the blog and sending pictures and the like to the e-mail address. In addition to speaking with him on the phone dad will have Joanna send me - e-mail messages to post for him. If any of you have any questions please feel free to post them. Now that dad is plugged into the world via the internet I think it will be a good way to make sure everybody recieves accurate and timely information on dads ongoing health condition. I do read all of the e-mails and I did read them to dad but now that I am home the blog will be the best way for folks to communicate with Utah, I don't see him reading e-mails in addition to the blog. The fact that he will sit in front of the computer at all is big news.
Thank You All


Anonymous said...

Oh my ghods... Utah in front of a computer.... hell hath frozen over. :)

Glad you are home Utah! Pam and I send our love to you and Joanna. Pam is doing well too. We see the doctor Monday for more info. Had her out and about today for lunch.

Talk to you later.!
-Chris in chicago

Historelli said...

I work in education and yesterday a director at a local historical society informed me that some school administrators consider the term "labor history" as too Marxist.

Instead, they suggested to her that the term "worker movement" be used.

What should we re-name the process of giving birth?

Hello from Olympia, WA.. said...

Hi Bruce and Duncan,
Thanks for keeping us so well informed over the past month. I'm glad to hear you are both home. Back to the familiar, and back to the strange all at once.
I loved seeing your picture in front of the PC and in front of your house. Looking very regal in your kepah and crimson robe.
I see there is a benefit concert next weekend in Seattle. Not sure we can make it, but would love to see Brendan perform. Is he still in Olympia? Would love to make contact with him if he is willing.
Be well, happy, safe and free.
Lots of love,
Glen (Dave's kid :>)

Mike said...

Great to see you in front of a computer. So far they haven't figured out a way to censor or unplug our electronic campfire.
I though it was great when some striking workers at an Opel factory in Europe picked up my version of Solidarity Forever to play on their picket line. A fan had recorded me doing it live and put it up on the web.
Radio show went well Friday. I'll be helping out at a songwriters night at the Montrose Saloon here Monday night.
Mike Felten -Chicago