Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

I just got off the phone with dad, he's rolling along nicely. He spent most of the day with friends and family. After a nice brunch everyone decorated Easter baskets with things growing in the yard and that of course led to coloring eggs. Easter has always been one of dads favorite days. As a child I remember many Easter egg hunts at grandmas house, dads mom always had a way of making family days kid friendly and forever memorable. And since dad is still, in some ways very much a child, any day he can dress up, build stuff and be in the company of friends and family is a favorite day. I know Easter may have a more significant meaning but for me, any day that brings family together for what ever reason is significant.

Utah's weight is stable and he has started a light work out routine to try and regain some strength. The daily routine that at once seemed so daunting now glides by with few problems and has in it's self become routine.

I know a lot of folks have had some difficulty getting in touch with Utah in regards to benefit concerts and the like. To help out dad and Joanna he suggested that people contact me ( Duncan) as well. I don't feel comfortable posting our phone numbers so if you have any questions or can't get a hold of dad send me an e-mail with your phone # and I will give you a call.
Thank You

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