Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chicago Benefit

The folks in Chicago are planning a benefit on June 14, at the Heartland Cafe. Anyone who would like to participate in the planning or might be interested in performing can give Mike Felten a call. I will post his info on the side of the blog.

It's been amazing to hear from folks around the country planning benefits for Utah. Last fall when dad's health forced him to retire I remember sitting in the living room with him and Joanna trying to figure out ways to generate income with out touring. Dad wasn't as concerned as the rest of us, he knew he could count on the folks around the country to see him through the hard times.


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patrick gronholm said...

Thanks to Rich Warren and "The Midnight Special", I was introduced to Utah's music at the tender age of 16. The weight of his songs and the humor in his stories was unlike anything I had ever heard. Just before I turned 24, and one month before the '06 elections, when I had finally reached my boiling point when it came to "American" politics, I decided to walk from cincinnati to washington d.c. I needed to be away from the world in which I was fastly losing touch with. I brought my dog Sal along with me. We spent are days walkin down route 50 and our nights under highways and rain and stars. On the rainiest day we decided to thumb it and caught a most unpleasant ride from a man who thought I had something I could give him. He finally let us out in clarksburg, west virginia where an angel who had been following us, ( who also happened to be a member of the virginia dog rescue group) drove us all the way into maryland 4 hours away.I am telling you all of this because as I was hoofin' it down old route 50 I'd sing utah's songs to Sal, and I would sing them under those underpasses, where all you could hear were the highway wheels and thunder,and I sung them behind all the lonely tears I cried along my journey. Utah's music has meant so much to me over the past 9 years and I just want to thank him. Thank him for his insight and stories and for delivering fred holstein directly to my ears. I live on the southside of Chicago now and will most definitely be at the benefit show in june. If I can help in any way please let me know. my email address is patrickjamesgronholm@yahoo.com. I thank his parents for his existence and the railroads and the dust and the endless vastness of the sky for his soul