Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday March 2,

I just got off the phone with dad. He sounds a little tired but he is doing well. I am pleased to report that over the last few days he has gained no weight. It may sound strange but the best indicator as to dads health is his weight. The first thing he does every morning is weigh himself. If his kidneys function properly and the diuretics work like they should he won't gain any weight but if he gains a few pounds in a day or two then he is retaining water, not good. People with congestive heart failure rarely suffer from dehydration normally the opposite is true and their bodies can drown themselves in water. The fluid retention problem is the primary reason Utah spent the last month in the hospital and monitoring his weight is a very reliable way to monitor his fluid level.

Dad is resting at home alone for a couple of hours while Joanna is out walking the dog and running a few errands. I didn't think to ask him if it was the first time he has been alone and on his own since coming home, if so it must feel a little awkward, I know it does for me. He has been cleared by the doctors to be alone so that's not an issue but after almost four weeks of being hooked up to machines and nurses coming in and out of his room every hour oh the day, in an odd way he must feel a little lonely. With that being said please put down your car keys, I think his being alone for a few hours a day is healthy fand it gives him some quiet time to sort things out.

On my train ride home I was thinking about our first road trip Portland. It was about five years ago dad and I were traveling to Portland for Wintrefolk ( Winterfolk is a annual concert to benefit the Sisters Of The Road Cafe ) because of the great friends we have made over the years, ( you know who you are, to mention them all would fill pages ) Portland quickly became a yearly stop that we both look forward to the minute we drive out of town.

We got into town as we usually do, a few days early so we went down to the Red and Black for lunch. During lunch dad told me a few stories about a tramp he used to ride the trains with. His moniker is Portland Gray. Dad had heard Gray was now living in Portland and he planned to ask the the folks at the union hall next door, where he was scheduled to deliver a speech after lunch, if anybody knew what had happened to his old tramping friend.

Well after dads thirty minute oration, and while everybody sat shell shocked on the edge their chairs he asked the silent audience " Does anybody know what became of Portland Gray". A voice sitting not twenty feet from dad pipped up " Yeah I know what happened to him, it's me, I'm sitting right here". While everyone burst into laughter dad went over and gave his old friend a hug. It was quite amazing.


Bill Nevins said...

Utah--all love and good wishes.
Bruce--please contact us as we want to do publicity and also a benefit here in New Mexico.
Bill Nevins and Priscilla

Bill Nevins said...

Utah, all the best thoughts and feelings to you from us here in New Mexico.
Duncan, (Sorry, did not mean Bruce!) we want to do a benefit show here, and do what we can to support such shows elsewhere in the country.
Can you be in touch so we can get your thoughts on this?
All the best,
Bill Nevins and Priscilla