Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 30, Benefit Concert

Benefit Concert for

Utah Phillips

A beacon of truth and light for our times,

Utah has been battling serious heart problems

and the medical bills that go with them.

Aromas Grange Hall Sunday, March 30th

Concert starting at 3:00 pm-donation$15

Food and beverages will be available, Moose Turd Pie Anyone?

Sherry Austin

Jimmy Chickenpants

Harmony Grits

Rick Barnes

And thought provoking commentary by Wallace Baine

Pre-concert open mike with Eric Burman and “Common Cents”,
Chris McDougal and other local favorites 9:00am-2:30pm

Sponsors, Aromas Grange, Aromas Eagles
the N.C.B.S (Northern California Bluegrass Assn.)
Contact Bill Hunter at


Diane Smith said...

Thanks for all the updates and photos Duncan.

My daughter and I will be at the Seattle fund raiser on Sunday. Just wish your Dad could be there, too, but we'll all be singing his praises.

Good health and good spirits to you, Utah!

Anonymous said...

Hi Utah & Joanna,
I know a priest in SLC (Fr. James Janda)that worked with Dorothy Day for seven years in NYC. He writes poetry and I thought you might like to read the one for her.

"For Dorothy Day-The Water Strider"
To whom would
they go
she wondered
then questioned
and yet she
would not
condemn pope
bishop nor priest
for they also
are the christ
though they
do not carry
shopping bags
nor sleep on
park benches -
"Do what you
would wish
them to do
unto you"
a voice whispered
and she responded
with hospitality
with soup and
and bags of
yes - clothing
and feeding
and housing
the homeless
the rejected
the unwanted
the absurd christs
who fit not
in churches
nor prisons
nor hospitals
the absurd christs
who slip through
every mental grid
rational sieve
those to whom
no law or structure
can apply
the christs walking
on water
instead of using
boats or bridges
the christs reaching
their purpose to live
to love
and embracing it.

Hazel R.