Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Concert Mon. March 10, 2008

DON Quixote's Music Hall

Presented With Snazzy Productions

Mon. March 10, at 7:30pm $25 adv./$25 door seated <21>

Keith Greeninger & Friends

Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum

Alisa Fineman & Kimball Hurd

plus special guests

Friends of Utah Phillips are performing a benefit for the legendary story telling genius, UTAH PHILLIPS, who has performed for us all over so many years and now needs our help.

100% of all ticket sales will go to defray medical expenses
For more info -http://www.donquixotesmusic.info/

Thank you everyone. We have had a tremendous response to this blog, the pictures and information are pouring in, so much so in fact I am working on a the project of building a web page to archive all of the pictures, concert posters and live recordings that I have amassed over the last five years of traveling with dad.
I know most the stories I tell are pre 1968 or post 2000 but as most of you know there were great expanses of time that my dad and I had very little contact, I think there was a fifteen year stretch we only spoke once. So I rely on a lot of you to help me fill in some of the blanks. That's not to say dad didn't talk about me. I have met people all over the country that I have never seen before but they know things about me I don't even know about my self.

One time dad and I traveled to Vancouver B.C for a concert. Dad and I were in the lobby milling around before the show when an older gentleman introduced himself and told me that he remembered the story of when as a child I had had the Measles . I was curious because I have never had the Measles. The story went that one day dad came home from a road trip to see spots all over my face. Worried he asked mom " Does Duncan have the Measls" no she said " He's just learning to eat with a fork".

I will be talking with dad later today and update the blog this evening.

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George said...

Hey Utah, if you are reading this blog, know that two friends in NYC are thinking of you... just heard about the Local 802 resolution.... and the Upstate NY Branch is helping sponsor a benefit concert for you at the Eighth Step on May 3. Julius and I plan to be there and hope we can make it... for now, just hoping your routine (and Joanna's) is getting easier to handle with each day home. With best wishes from NYC, George and Julius