Saturday, February 23, 2008

evening Feb. 23,

The best way to sum up the day is to simply tell you that Utah has now started using his trusty plastic cockroach on the unsuspecting nursing staff. Those who know dad well know what I mean.
He has had a good day. We now look forward to the mornings more than ever.
Good Night


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Not the cockroach! :) He MUST be feeling better. YEA!

And yes indeed, there is another Podcast up (and I finally got the cover art working for you iTunes folks.)

This has been quite a hospitalized start to the year, my own wife, Pam, just spent 4 days in the hospital as well for some major surgery.
We got her home Thursday, and Utah and her were chatting while I set up the podcast recording. Pam is doign better now we got her some "good pain meds" and will be fine.

Much love to Joanna, Utah, and you Duncan. Thanks! -Chris

Les Avenge Lexi said...

thanks for all the updates....still appreciating every one, and thankful to you for all you are doing....


Anonymous said...

When I see that rapscallion Molly Fisk leaving messages so freely, my guilt builds. This is a woman who refuses to accept Googling as a verb yet she's blogging, which is a verb?

Good gracious.

This is now my 4th attempt at sending you folks a message. As I noted in my 3rd attempt, I am grateful to Homeland Security if they are blocking the messages. I'll sleep better knowing that. Wait, no, that's illogical. But a sign of our times.

I simply wanted to remind Bruce and amuse Joanna and Duncan of our previous activities at their Catheral Hill Hotel diggins.

Bruce and I were there to receive an award from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, a community radio advocacy organization.

Amy Goodman was receiving an award for investigative reporting she had done on Chevron Oil hiring thugs to attack -- and kill -- activists opposing oil drilling in Nigeria, I believe. It was pure Amy, and there wasn't a dry eye in the audience, and there shouldn't have been. As she finished, the breath had been taken from the audience, as it should have been.

Next award? Utah Phillips and I for our satiric, sometimes goofballish live commentary of Nevada City's 4th of July Parade, with inappropriately appropriate sound effects to boot.

All we could do was stand, wave and sit back down.

It was good, though.

We are ready -- when you are -- for your return to Nevada City. That'll be even better, though.

Love, Steve Baker