Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Joanna and I got to the hospital around 10 a.m. it's gotten to the point we don't need to look at our watches anymore we can tell what time it is by the events of the day. Thankfully there is a shuttle that runs every 15 minutes or so between the medical campus and the hotel. Having not to worry about finding a parking place on the streets of San Francisco is one less thing to worry about.

Utah had a long night with not much sleep. The doctors and nurses are having a little trouble deriving at the appropriate medications and doses Utah needs to maximize all of his bodies functions. I don't think it is anything to be to alarmed about, the process as a whole is complicated and every patient reacts differently and requires a different combination of meds. The main thing is his kidney function is almost back to normal, thats huge in his being able to go home and the condition of his heart is the same as it has been for the past few months so the doctors continue to be optimistic.

He's awake now and going to try some lunch so I 'll sign off for now.

Thanks again


George said...

Hello Duncan, Joanna and of course Utah:

Just a word to tell you we're thinking of you and pulling for all of you in New York City (and Julius sends his love!). Didn't want to bother you while you are in hospital, hope to hear your voice at home in the next week or two (will call then). So glad to see the efforts underway to get you back to decent health, and of course glad to see the efforts underway across the nation to help you rest easy in your retirement...

Take care and best wishes for a good outcome in San Fran... George

Portland Gray said...

Hey All,

Mark Ross has been keeping me informed and I have been watching the blog to keep abreast.

There for a while, this whole heart transplant thing had me worried. What if the only available heart was from a plutocrat. What would Utah do? Who needs the stress from that sort of moral dilemma when you're flat on your back in the hospital?

Like I said, I was fretting something serious about this until it came to me like a stroke out of the blue - what're the chances of finding a plutocrat with a heart!

Please get well, Bruce, there's a lot more bull shit left to shovel and I need all the help I can get.

Love you all,

Portland Gray