Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mid Morning

Utah is currently sitting comfortably in his chair talking to an friend Amigo Bob. Amigo Bob is currently doing some work in Napa Valley and just heard about dad through KVMR. We are all very glad to see him The fact that dad is able to have a few short visits is very encouraging. He is still on a steady diet of multiple drugs, remanicant of the sixties and will be getting a permanent Groshong Catheter implanted under his collar bone late this after noon. The catheter will be used to administer the medication directly to his heart by way of a small pump he will wear in a fanny pack.

It's cool, there have been posts from all over the world, France, Buffalo New York, The great folks at Righteuos Babe Records, KBOO Radio in Portland, wow! The whole thing reminds me of the old folk circles or one of Woody and Petes famous hootenannies were folks gather around sing songs and swap stories.

Speaking of KBOO, I understand the station is going through a slight reorganization. I know how you feel, until last Friday I was on the KRCL Board of Directors in my home town of Salt Lake City. KRCL is also going through some major changes but that is a topic of conversation for another time.

More to follow


Tony & Hazel said...

Dear Utah, Joanna & Duncan,
Our hearts go out to you. In saying this, I wish we could somehow make stronger yours.
Mark Ross called us today. Sorry we didn't contact you sooner- we have had a few deaths in our family and stepped way back from everything.
We all send our love--it seems a minuscule offering, but is most sincere.
Hope you will be feeling better soon and keeping up the good fight.
Tony & Hazel Roehrig
& daughters

EG said...

Dear Utah,

Just wanted you to know that you've got lots of friends up here in Canada following everything and hoping for the best!

Eve Goldberg

Christine said...

Thanks Duncan for this blog --- yes, I read *all* the entries, and for the wonderful pictures too. Please continue to keep us posted.
Utah and Joanna, we miss you! Come back soon.
Christine on Red Dog Road

newt said...

Duncan -

This blog is a great service, its wonderful to read the stories and be able to keep tabs on Utah. Please let him and Joanna know that he has friends in the northeast who are keeping him in their thoughts everyday. i haven't been listening to utah for as long as most but a little goes a long way i've found. His story about korea really changed my life. it's one of the very few things that has had a dramatic and meaningful impact on my life.

Peace & Love,
jon in MA