Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feb. 28 Homeward Bound

The noon time med swap went without a hitch. Nicholas my step brother is going to drive me to Reno so I can take the train home. If the train runs on time it's an eleven hour trip back to Utah.
It may seem like a long time when I could fly home in an hour or so but to be honest I need some down time to decompress. Dad is doing well, everyone has been very considerate in giving him some space so we could figure things out over the last few days. I wouldn't consider things normal, but this new stage of dads life is definitely manageable. I get the feeling in talking to the doctors that not many people have this kind of pump setup for long term injection. These pumps are mostly used to administer antibiotics continuously for a few months so there is not a lot of data on long term use. We are not worried, forging new territory is nothing new for Utah.
I'll write tomorrow from home .


Anonymous said...

Good luck Utah.
Everyone wishes you well from here in Salt Lake City, UT

See you soon Dunc.


Diane Smith said...

Thanks for all your updates Duncan. Happy travels. (Never fly when you can take the train!)

Good luck with the recovery, Utah!

Diane Smith, Montana

Ben said...

Safe trip, Duncan! It was good to see you here in SF, albeit under such circumstances. Maybe we'll have to have that beer in Salt Lake some fine day? I may be rolling through this summer...

In any case, your dad has been lucky to have you there...I think you've kept alot of minds at ease. Have a great trip home!


Anonymous said...

This is a very belated comment, but I just wanted to let Utah and Joanna know we are thinking about them and wish them the very best.

They mean a lot to both of us.

Your Hospitality House friends,
(And yes, we're still together!)

--David & Becky, San Mateo