Friday, February 22, 2008

Feb. 22,

After three weeks in San Francisco there are some basic needs you can no longer avoid. It is very easy to neglect everyday chores like doing your laundry and slowly you run out of the travel sized everything you hastily crammed into your luggage for a spontaneous short term trip that shapes itself into something vastly different. We adapt.

In the last six months I have become all to familiar with hospital life . Dads current stint in San Francisco was preceded by the three weeks my mother Dianna spent in the hospital in early August for stomach surgery. The doctors removed a bleeding ulcer they could not control with medication. That was followed by dads trip to Davis in September for a procedure to improve his heart function that obviously was unsuccessful. Then in October My very patient wife Bobette under went a surgery that would keep home bound for six weeks.

January ushered in the new year and I hoped that the passing of 07 would take with it the health cloud that hung over our family. But no, early one morning we found ourselves one again in a hospital emergency room comforting or son Brendan who had suffered several seizers earlier in the morning. Two weeks later I found my self in San Francisco with dad and Joanna.

I bring up this sequence of events only because I am constantly amazed at a persons ability to adapt to things beyond their control. Trials like these force one to slow down and bring different priorities into focus. The past three weeks in an odd sort of way have been very therapeutic for my self. I have once again been able to restore a trait that I prize highly - PATIENCE - a trait often smothered in the pace of modern day life.

To be honest Utah had a very difficult day yesterday. The amount of Potassium he is administered tends to make his stomach upset and of course when his stomach is upset he loses more fluids and with the fluids goes Potassium. To control the upset stomach the doctors give him another medication. We now have a dry erase board with a column dedicated to medications. It's the only way can keep track of them all. I feel that part of the problem in his going home is how long a drive it is to Nevada City from San Francisco. In the event something were to go wrong on the way home it would be difficult to treat. For now he is content to stay here and get well enough for the road trip home.

Today he does feel much, much better and finally his Potassium level is up. Currently he is sitting in the family room reading the paper and intends to attempt the treadmill. His condition varies so much from day to day and today it's good.


Molly Fisk said...

Duncan, that's too many visits to hospitals in one year! I'm very glad you didn't need to be in one yourself. Will you tell Joanna I'm thinking of her a lot, and have many good books for them to read when they get home. (As does Charlotte.)

Let us know if some kind of car ferrying would be helpful, or a different kind of car to get Bruce home - one that he could stretch out and sleep in, for instance? I'm sure we can find a mini-van or something with ample room, if that would help.

Big love to everyone, and if you're still there on Sunday, don't forget to watch the Oscars - one of the only good reasons the boob tube was invented.

xox Molly

Anonymous said...

I just got this from Jay Peterson in Maine, figured I'd pass it on

Dear Friends of Utah,
Here's my letter to him and his family today,

Dear Utah and Family,
In the enforced slowdown of our weekly blizzard-of-the-century, some fellow musicians and I have pulled together a date and place for our benefit concert for you , to be held at the Congregational Church In Blue Hill, Maine. The date is April 6, featuring Gordon Bok, Micheal Cooney, The Free Radicals Dance Band, The Living Daylights, Kendall and Jackie Morse, Allison Dibble, perhaps Rob Shetterly (if he can delay his departure by a day), myself and my son Bjorn, and no doubt a host of other usual suspects from Maine. Our fine and dandy community radio station WERU, where Loafers Glory held forth for many years, celebrates its 20th Anniversary this coming May Day, and the station is going all out to make this benefit concert a success for you all.

I should have a poster next week as soon as I get permission from Mr. Shetterly to use his wonderful image of Utah in the poster. I just saw him in the grocery store a few hours ago-Why didn't I ask him then??!! Apparently we were all caught up here in the dual excitement of our girls' basketball team's big game tonight (they lost in a squeaker to Houlton, 54-52) and the blinding snowstorm which caused several accidents in a few minutes time. So, I forgot to mention it in the midst of the momentary survivalist mentality.

More updates on the concert as they develop, and as outstanding warrants for other performers expire.

Your friends in Maine salute you and keep you in our hearts.
In Solidarity,
Jay Peterson,
on behalf of Maine United Friends of Utah (MUFU). Pronounce it however you like.

Note to any and all interested folks in New England, or Anywhere, who are getting this missive-Please contact me if you'd like to be a part of this, whether musically, oratorically, making cookies, taking tickets, etc. . I'm doing the poster in the next few days!
Jay 207-359-5559

Anonymous said...

Hey Duncan, Utah and Joanna,

Really sorry to hear about all your medical trials recently. We do hope the year improves from here.

"been down so long everything looks up from here"

We have been keeping up on the blogs and though we're not the most computer savvy this is a good way to stay in daily touch when the personal touch is impeded by distance.

With love and thoughts and prayers,
Tony and Hazel

When you get back to SLC, give us call when you can. Give Bobette our love. And a speedy recovery to all.