Thursday, February 21, 2008

Noon Feb. 21,

Dad is sitting up enjoying ( he is becoming accustomed to hospital chow) his lunch. The doctors have switched him back to the IV form of Potassium to raise the level more quickly. It may seem as if the same story is repeating it self from day to day and in a way it is. Utah is, sitting up more, walking more, doing all of the things he needs to do to get himself in shape to go home.

The doctors are currently in the room and dad describes his mood to them as....CHIPPER.
We know the doctors and nurses are trying in every way to send dad home but until his electrolyte level is stable the doctors are not comfortable with releasing him.
We continue, as part of our daily routine to read to him from the blog and share the e-mails people have sent. Please understand, I wish I had the time to respond to all of the e-mails and make all of the phone calls I should, but for now I can't. That was one of my thoughts behind the blog, we wanted a way to talk to everyone at once and to give everyone the same info. Please do keep sending e-mails and pictures, we do read them all and will respond when we can.
Dad is now upright and we are going go for a walk and explore the hospital.


Wendy M. Grossman said...

Just wanted to check in and say I'm sorry to hear about all the heart fu, but glad to hear Utah is doing better. Please pass on my best.

(As for correcting people's grammar and syntax, sometimes I do it just to keep the correct versions in my head - since I write for a living, it matters.)


Anonymous said...

About grammar, I observe but one rule:

"No verb, no predicate."

Dan Scanlan

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for the g.v.g.s.w.
Also for Joanna and Duncan.
Stay strong!

Don Morrison