Wednesday, February 13, 2008


After a lap or two around the TCCU - Transitional Cardiac Care Unit Utah is resting in his chair looking and out the window, enjoying the blue sky that meets the freshly mowed grass of the park at the top of the hill. The doctors want him to try and walk more even if it is just around the room. I know we should be more active in getting him up out of bed and walking around but it's hard when he's so tired, hasn't slept much and feels lousy. One minute he is awake and alert the next he wants to sleep. There is a learning cure for all of us. We know every day that goes by and he gets even a little stronger is a good thing and he Will be home soon.

We were talking earlier today about a trip I made with him Portland a couple of years ago. It was late January. I had just driven in from Salt Lake and dad wanted me to go to a
pot luck - anti war meeting. After a ten hour drive I was more than a little tired but I was even more hungry so I said lets go but you have to drive. On the way down to the meeting we stopped by SPD to pick up some potato salad for the pot luck. when we got to the meeting I hopped out of the car grabbed the salad and started in, dad said "hey what are you doing " what "we can't leave the potato salad in the plastic container thats crass." He pulled out a nice wooden bowl and silver serving spoon we made the swap and went in. After the meeting we went to retrieve our bowl and spoon. Not one scoop of the potato salad was gone but next to our bowl was an empty plastic container of SPD potato salad. We just shook our heads looked at each other and laughed.
Sometime the funniest of things are so simple.

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willrbranch said...

Dear Utah,

We're thinking of you out here in Wisconsin. I hope that you and the family are finding the comfort and support you need through difficult times.

My father went through a very similar situation and I know it's not easy for anyone.

Thank you Duncan, Joanna and Chris for all the updates.

Thank you once again for everything you did for us to make our marriage a special one. There is a little Branch-Gima on the way in October - Maybe someday the two of you can meet.

We'll be looking forward to the news that you're back home in Nevada City. Until then, we'll be thinking of you.


Will and Alison