Thursday, February 7, 2008

Feb. 7,

In an effort to keep everybody current as to my fathers (Utah Phillips) ongoing health condition. I have created this blog to post daily updated info and to give people a place to post their own thoughts and comments. Thank you
Currently Utah is still in the coronary care unit were he has been for the past six days. He is under going treatment to reduce the amount of water his body is retaining. Because of his heart condition the signal from his heart to his kidneys tells his kidneys to store more water than his body normally would. The extra stored water puts excessive pressure on his heart. as a result his heart function is further reduced. Once the doctors get the edema under control and determine what meds. or combo of meds work best he may get to go home.
He misses his home, friends and community very much.

I will speak with him in a few hours and update the blog as soon as I can

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