Saturday, February 9, 2008

Feb. 9,

I flew from my home in Salt Lake back to San Francisco late last night. Joanna and I are having
breakfast at the Cathedral Hill Hotel. The hospital owns the hotel, I think they plan to tear down the hotel and build a new med. center.
Utah sounded tired last night on the phone, tired but determined.
I encourage everyone to post comments of any kind ,dad likes the idea of keeping in touch with everyone.I will try to post some pictures and if I figure this blog thing out maybe even a video comment from dad.


The Clarks said...

Nancy and I add our good wishes and prayers to the many Utah has and will receive for his comfort. We have greatly enjoyed his appearances in Chicago, on Folkstage, at the Old Town School and at Hot House.

Peter and Nancy Clark, Oak Park, IL

Jordan said...


Thanks for the blog. Tell your dad we miss him up here. So do the dog, cat, and chickens. It's a beautiful warm day in the Sierra, the snow's melting, and we're ready for Utah and Joanna to come home. I talked to Emma this morning about his offer of a tour of the Brownell Museum of Popular Antiquities with a full explanation of the significance of the objects therein, and she's eager to do it, along with James.

We miss you all. Come home when you can.

Jordan Fisher Smith, Susan, James, and Emma

Diane Smith said...

Duncan, thank you for starting this blog for all your father's fans and friends.

As a former resident of the Butte Miner's Union Hall, back when they rented rooms upstairs, Utah Phillips has always been my hero.

Over the years, I have taken my daughter all over the state of Montana to see Utah Phillips.

The first time I think she was two, when we saw him in a church in Butte. She's now 22, so she grew up listening to his wit, his wisdom, and his music.

We send our best wishes for a quick recovery and even quicker trip home.

Get well Utah! We need you out here.

Diane (and Hannah) Smith, Montana

Pascale said...

Thank you for the updates Duncan.

Here are some pictures we took of Utah over the years:

Peace demo in Nevada City

More peace demo

Already against the next war

Honored as Nevada City Living Legend

Sunny said...

Like the others, I say thank you for the blog. I am a part of the Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains, which Utah also belongs to. I honor and cherish his presence there and in the community and all that he's contributed, and send him my most sincere wishes for his recovery and continued quality of life.

Another local legend, and friend of Utah and also mine, John Olmsted, has asked me to send his best wishes. Here is his message:

Hi Dear Utah,
The Bridge across America that you have made will always be there through your marvelous flight through space and time across our planet, particularly the North Turtle Island segment.
We give all the love back to you that you have given to us and all the strength for all those homeless people that you have given to them. We flood you with it now with all our wishes of great joy. We celebrate your healing and give strength for your own recovery. You've given so much and will continue to give much more to help create the sustainable reality that we are all working on.
All our blessings to you, Utah.

John Olmsted from Celestial Room #3 at the Outside Inn (at Indian Grinding Rock), E. Broad St, Nevada City, CA

Glen said...

Hi Bruce,
Hello from Olympia, it's your nephew Glen Phillips. Quite an odyssey you are on there in San Francisco. I hope they spring you from there soon. It seems they are taking pretty good care of you. I hope your suffering is minimal and that you are able to find happiness and good health in the midst of the challenges. Happy New Year of the Rat! Love to Duncan and Joanne.
Glen, Anne and Chelsea Phillips
Olympia, WA