Friday, February 8, 2008


Utah has been moved from his room in CCU to a regular private room. He is still receiving treatment for water retention. After a long week in the hospital doctors are still having a difficult time getting his heart to stabilize enough to send him home. Hopefully he will be resting and recuperating at home by the weeks end.
After consulting with a heart transplant team late on Thursday Utah has come to the conclusion not to pursue a transplant, the heart he has , has served him and all of us well and he wants to stick with it .
The doctors are confident with the wright combo of medication he will do well at home. Whatever the outcome he feels he has made the decision that is best for himself and we all agree.


Molly Fisk said...

Duncan - Steve Baker just sent me the link, and I'm really glad you're doing this. Accurate info will help us all a lot, and I'll start referring people who ask me about Bruce to the site.

I wanted to apologize, too, because I thought we'd met and now I realize we haven't, so you must have wondered who the heck I was when I called yesterday! I am terrible with names and was confusing you with Brandon. But I won't any more.

I know there are lots of people in Nevada County ready to help, but if you need anything done here, call on me, too. Joanna has my number, or you can use this e-mail.

much love in this time of deep feeling -
xox Molly

Revalani said...

I've missed Utah at Winterfolk in Portland the last couple of years. He was on my mind a lot during last weekend's show. Never met him, just a fan from way back. I wish him and y'all the best.

Mike Felten said...

Thanks for the update. As always, wish the old man the best.
I sent him some CD's that are waiting at the post office for him. If listening to them doesn't kill him, he's good for a while yet.
That's my uneducated RX.
He's a part of a lot of our heartbeats.
Mike Felten