Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The procedure to implant the Goshong Catheter Port went well. The whole thing took about an hour or so. Doctor Avery is a poet with a scalpel .Utah sounds more upbeat and talkative this evening. He especially enjoyed the nightly reading of the blog.

I know I could do a search, but does anybody know where the word blog came from?

Any way, Utah thought he had a difficult day while the rest of us think he had a good day but were not the ones laying on our back in bed twenty three and a half hours a day. Mostly I think he is just anxious and unsure, we all are.

Utah wanted me to mention the New Old Time Chautauqua show in Grass Valley this weekend to benefit the Hospitality House in Nevada City. I put a link to Hospitality House on the main blog page. Please do check it out if you can. I plan on being there for the show, hopefully I will see some of you there.


Oldyodeler said...

Glad to hear that he's doing better.

The word "blog" is one of those oddball words in English that is a synthesis of two other words. It's basically short for web logue.

mugwort said...

A little Ed Abbey for you, Utah. He's gone and published another book from his grave; this one's a nice collection of his letters and postcards to friends and foes, titled "Postcards from Ed: Dispatches and Salvos from an American Iconoclast."
Here's one he wrote to the editor of the Stinking Desert Gazette in 1988, in response to an "open letter to Edward Abbey" that they had published from the "Wild Wonted Women of Moab":

To: Wild Wonted (Wanted?) Women, Moab, Utah.

Dear Sirs,
Your "open letter" to me was noted and much appreciated. Believe me, I have been trying for several years to get a vasectomy, but my public simply will not allow it. Last time I even reached my physician's operating table, but as she examined me, wondering why I'd never been circumcised, and then going further to make sure everything was in good functioning order, at that climactic moment another mob of tearful young women burst into the room and carried me off, begging to "have my baby," as you ladies say.
So--what could I do? I haven't even been allowed to make a deposit in a sperm bank; flinging their skirts in the air, the tellers hurl their bodies in my path, causing me to stumble and fall--once again. Over and over again.
Sincereley, Edward Abbey, Oracle, Arizona.

Love to you, from (Earth First!) Amanda
aka mugwort

Les Avenge Lexi said...

utah and ani pictures

hi there....here is a link to a gallery of some photos from the utah and ani show on 03 April 2004 in grass valley. this should please utah and ani fans alike! (i am short, and i was far away, so i picked out the best pics i had...only a couple are really good...)

still wishing utah well and thinking of him often! and still very thankful for this blog. i'll be giving a listen to utah and ani this weekend as i roadtrip to LA....in a honda civic though, not a VW.

Anonymous said...

Blog is indeed synthesized from two words, web and log. A log is a running record of experiences, expressed in this case on a web site.

I have some additional photos of Utah that I would like to submit, but I can't find a means to send them to you. I must be overlooking the obvious, but I have little time to explore.

In the meantime, give Utah my best wishes for a speedy return to Nevada City!

Dennis Brunnenmeyer

Molly Fisk said...

And as for log, don't you think there's some connection to the sea captains who measured speed by throwing a log overboard and measuring how fast it went by the ship's side before hauling it in again? The person who might know this is Bruce, from having read Patrick O'Brian so many times.

xox molly