Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Greetings from Nevada City Feb. 26,

Utah is home!
The trip back to Nevada City was uneventful, dad did very well. Before the parking break was set he walked in the door and promptly took up residence in his favorite winged back easy chair an began roasting himself in front of the fire. He spent the remainder of the evening resting an sorting out the various medication that accompanied him home. His next few days will be spent devising a daily routine and getting acclimated to his new lifestyle.
I can only imagine what the ride home must have been like for Utah. After spending nearly a month in the confines of his hospital room with very little visual stimulation and only a drab green smock for clothing to being suited up and braving the California freeways with the country side rushing by, it must have felt liberating, familiar and yet unsettling.
All in all, for now life is good and we enjoy every minute.
See you tomorrow.


ec johnny said...

zero comments??!! well ok then...


what absolutely terrific news, and what a sight the picture is to see... wonderful.

soak in the warmth and spirit of home.

well wishing,
ec johnny
el cerrito, ca

Anonymous said...

-Chris in Chicago