Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Word from Joanna

Hellow and Ha HAAA!

Having shown me how to type something into his blog on this gonkulating machine located in the nurses' lunchroom, Duncan little suspects that I am now adding my own bit and piece to his mighty tome. Like Bruce, I'm dramatically unsmitten with modern gadgetry, but I just read much of what's been written here and am moved to thank everyone on his behalf, especially Duncan, so kind, patient, and loving.

This is our twentieth day here in the best of all possible hospitals, and, yes, we're counting. Our spirits ebb and flow, but we're always inspired by the skill of his doctor, Ernest Haeusslein, and everyone else on California Pacific's staff. It's a huge blessing to know that Bruce is in such talented and gifted hands, especially when we leave him at night.

Well, just when I'm warming up, the nurse has called me in to take my first lesson in what will become my new career: nursing. I've already been practicing putting on the thin little white sterile gloves without contaminating them. One nurse assures me that that's the hardest thing I'll ever have to do. May it be so!

Bruce has been getting rather . . . what he calls silly, especially in the evenings. Think of him making his way down the hall, hospital smock flapping, IV tree snapping and clicking, entourage swanning in his wake, singing "Gaudiamus Igitur" softly to himself.

He's gone though an awful lot, but now light shines at the end of this tunnel. Let us therefore be glad.

For now,]


Molly Fisk said...

TWENTY DAYS??!! OMG, as the children like to say. That's much longer than I thought. Joanna, so nice to hear your voice, and then to hear Utah's just beforehand, but of course I mean "read," not "hear." But you know what I mean. A gold watch is the perfect retirement symbol, and if nobody can find one I'll knit one for him.

We are ready for you to come back any day now, so don't dawdle on our account. (I use the royal-Nevada-County we.) I, for one, miss you like heck. The town is pretending to function normally, but how can it when you're not here?

xox Molly

Anonymous said...

Joanna, it sounds like you're in good spirits(or are you drinking good spirits?). Anyway, all my love to you guys, hope you're home soon. The thought of Bruce in his gown waltzing down the hall is not the visual I wanted tonight but oh well........
Mark Ross

Anonymous said...

Hello Joanna! Hello Utah! Hello Duncan!

Chris here, in Chicago...
Hang in there Joanna! You'll all get home soon. Just talked to Pam, she sends her love as well. With any luck we will get her home today. Arnt hospitals fun? (said tongue in cheek) ;)
Talk to you later on! *HUGS* all around.

Portland Gray said...

Or as we in fair academe did sing,
"God almighty iguana shit...."