Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Morning - Feb. 20,

And yet another correction. It was an article I read about Philip Barrigan, Daniels little brother not Daniel himself. I apologize for Daniels early demise.

The tweaking continues.
Dad had a fairly good nights sleep. The only issue yet to resolve before he can released to go home is the problem of maintaining a constant electrolyte level. In some people - every time they urinate they pass Potassium as well. Dad takes Lasicks to reduce the amount of water he stores through urination and he is one of those people whose Potassium level drops, so to make up for the loss of Potassium the doctors have to give him far more Potassium orally than they would like, to much to send him home yet. So as a result his Potassium level is kept constantly high to compensate for frequent urination. The problem with that is - if the kidneys function for what ever reason drops the the Potassium level inturn becomes dangerously high because the urine out put drops as well. It is all so subtle and yet so complex but the doctors do have a handle on it.

Utah did a short phone interview with the Salt Lake Tribune this morning. When the article hits the news stands I will put a link to it on the blog.

The subject of grammar on an earlier post sparked quite a debate. A couple of more thoughts on the topic and then I will shut up.

I am puzzled by the need of some people to constantly correct other people. I have my own theory but I am curious about some of yours.

A couple of years ago dad and I road trip'd to Portland to visit Genny Nelson and the folks at the Sisters of the Road Cafe. I was so inspired by the work of Genny and the rest of the folks at the cafe that on the long drive to my home in Utah, across the vastness that is Nevada, I wrote a poem for Genny and the Sisters. I purposly experimented with grammar and word placement in an effort to convey a specific feel an to paint a mental portrait of the homeless person I pictured on the cold, damp, winter streets of Portland . Boy did I get skewered. Most people could not let themselves get past the grammar and enjoy the art. The artistic types I suppose.
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