Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

The new medication of the day, actually yesterday is working very well. Dad has more energy and was perky enough for a short walk around the unit. We walked out side to a small planter garden so he could touch and feel the foliage and rub his hands in the dirt, it's his way to reconnect himself with the outside world and disconnecting himself from the sterile one he temporarily calls home. He has just finished lunch and is now sitting up in bed reading, I'm sure a short nap will follow.

Earlier we went through the blog together so I could show him how it functions. He is very pleased with all of the comments and pictures , he is truly touched and thanks you all. We watched a You -Tube video of him telling the funniest story he ever heard. After all these years this is the first time he has ever seen himself
perform, he found himself entertaining.

Joanna took a drive back up to Nevada city to recharge her batteries and take care of few things.
she is a tremedously solid person as we all know but the long stints in a hospital taker they're toll on the strongest of people. It is very hard to pull yourself away from the people you truly love and care about but in order to help Utah stay healthy and strong we must inturn keep ourselves healthy and strong, it's not a race it's a marathon.
As for For me, while dad sleeps I am perfectly content and enjoy talking to all of you.
P.S. The best feature of the Cathedral Hill Hotel is it's proximity to Tommy's Joynt, just next door. Bar-B -Que Turkey ,yum,yum it sure bets hospital food.


Historelli said...

The funniest story ever told is great, but the song that follows is even better. Its one of my favorite sounds of melancholy.

At work, i sneak the headphones on and play it when i need to drown out the obligation monsters

Wishing you a speedy recovery from the wild suburbs of north Jersey ;-)

gary said...

hi - Thank you Duncan for this wonderful blog - it is really wonderful to stay connected this way. We appreciate all the updates! Folks here in Boulder are all thinking about Utah and all of you, and telling each other great Utah stories. We're planning our annual May Day concert for Swallow Hill Concert Hall and rounding up some great folks to participate.
We send you love, and our very best wishes. We know how difficult a time this is for all of you. We'll stay in touch. love, betty and gary

Anonymous said...

Does Tommy's still serve buffalo stew? I used to go in there in '71 when I had made enough money busking on the Wharf for the stew and a glass of Anchor Steam Beer.
Glad to hear Utah is feeling better.
give him my love,
Mark Ross

Duncan said...

Hi Mark,It's funny when I was standing in line last hight at Tommy's I saw the sign for Buffalo Stew, the sign looked circa 1970 and Anchor Steam is timeless a genuine San Francisco original.

Tom Wernigg said...

Utah, wishing you a speady recovery. I look forward to seeing you again at church.