Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feb. 21,

Utah's day has been pretty good considering, not much to report, I'm not always sure if that is a good thing or a bad. It just is what it is a day of small steps when what are really in need of are big ones.

Dad is currently sitting up in bed glued to the television watching The Incredibles. The doctors have yet to make the daily rounds so we don't know what the last batch of blood tests have to reveal about the ongoing electrolyte battle. We do know he continues to take massive amounts of Potassium. It's been a long haul and we continue to be optimistic that we will be home soon. thanks for hanging in there with us.

So, does anybody have any recommedations for dinner on a dime around Van Ness and Geary other than Tommy's, Tommy's is great but Joanna and I could use a change.


Anonymous said...

Wow Duncan; really like the old box car, with the Utah Phillips blog. Seems the city life has not screwed you up to bad.HA HA Like an old assiatant principal used to say to us when we were near the end of the 12th grade. Hang in there fellas, one more inning and you will be hitting it out of the park!!! You all will be out of there soon. I can only guess what an experience it has been. A good ol fashined hug to you all!! Keith Bednar

Urban Homesteaders said...

Our prayers and love go out to Utah and the family. He has been a great inspiration to me. For food, try the Grubstake on Pine between Polk and VanNess - the Portuguese food is supposed to be what to order. Or for a change, go down to Japan Town. There's a pretty good and reasonable noodle joint at the far West end upstairs. I'll rack my brain for some other spots.
Paul Mackey

Dave said...

Hello Utah,
I feel as if I should call you Mr. Phillips, because I respect you so much - but I know that would just piss you off.
I am/was honored to have been at what may have been your first gig at Cafe Lena in Saratoga Springs in 1970. My wife and I almost didn't go. [Why would we want to waste our time listening to the self-proclaimed "Golden Voice of the Great Southwest?"] But we did go and have been thankful for the experience ever since. You did three sets that night: the first was your wonderful comedic story-telling; the second was stories of the rail; and the third was all wobblies. I'm convinced some people left during the third set, not because of the late hour but because you touched/aggravated a nerve somewhere in their belief system. I share that because I know that will make you smile.
We have traveled to be (again/still) enlightened by your insight, and have brought along friends to have their spirits rekindled. The last time we were able to share time with you was at the Iron Horse in Springfield, MA. Your wit, knowledge, and compassion had not diminished, despite your declining health. My wife and I were again honored to have shared time with you, as we had over 35 years earlier.
Take no offense when I say "God bless you, Bruce Phillips for all you have done for your fellow travelers" - disguised as an entertainer, but leading as a teacher and prophet.
Dave and Shirley

Molly Fisk said...

Walk down Van Ness a few blocks to Max's, in Opera Plaza (same side of the street as Tommy's). It's not going to cost a dime, more like a Susan B. Anthony dollar, but it's good Jewish food and lots of it, so you can take some back to Bruce. Tell Joanna to call Marilyn and ask for other suggestions?

Fortitude, in these potassium-days. You'll all be home soon.

xox Molly

marianna said...

From Marianna and Stephen in Nevada City, much more love and concern to add to your well-deserved collection, and a recommendation: you're just a few blocks from a wonderful Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant, the Golden Era ( On the north side of O'Farrell, between Leavenworth and Jones. You can't go wrong there, but we especially like the Tofu Salad (you don't have to like tofu as there is very little in it) and the Spicy Gourmet Chicken, and, and, and...everything. And Utah, we have something for you, when you're back home.