Monday, February 18, 2008

Morning two, is this thing on.

Sometimes the whole new age internet thing, to me is so puzzling. I hen peck away at the key board, the words I labor over are transformed into code and in the wireless world, disappear into space. Seconds later the words can be pondered over by a student or shop owner in Prauge. But sometimes you never really know if anybody is listening. The whole thing brings up the bigger question, how can we as a society, appear to be so advanced but still not advanced enough to solve the problems of poverty and homelessness?
Thanks for listening I feel better now.

So, Dad is feeling pretty good this morning. He did a short phone in interview with Steve Baker on KVMR in Nevada City and he is feeling well enough to have a couple of visitors. I think if we're lucky TOM Noddy may bring some of his Bubble Magic therapy to the hospital.

By the end of today Utah should be weened down to only one intravenous medication. We are also hoping to start the training tomorrow on the use of the medication pump Utah will be using at home. Just one more step towards his going home and just one medication will mean only one pump. One pump will be much easier to manage at home.

Joanna and I are doing well. We had dinner last hight at Moki's in the Heights? Moki's is a small Sushi restaurant where our good friend Ben Pearl is currently employed, but don't ask him for directions, he's a better musician than he is a cartographer.

I've got to go.


Glen Phillips said...

Hi Duncan,
Glen here again. Its been a week since I visited the Blog, but my dad has been keeping me informed of Bruce's status all through the week.
I'm glad to hear you had a chance to go see the new old time chautauqua. I've experienced the new old time chautauqua in Olympia a couple of times. That is some real entertainment. Some of the acts were home grown right here in Oly, WA.
I'm encouraged to hear that your dad is doing better. Sounds like he is having steady improvement. I enjoy reading your posts and looking at the pictures. I love the sailor boy picture of our dad's when they were little!
Stay well, and all my love to Bruce, Joanna, Bobbette and Brendan. And of course to you too, my long lost cousin.

Marcia Elston said...

Hi Duncan, I'm an old co-worker of your dads from the World's Fair Folklife Festival in Spokane . . . he and I rolled ass over teakettle with about 100 watermelons in garbage cans filled with ice when we hit our main stage after losing control of the wagon . . . trying to come up with a plan to get the head of the Gypsy community off the mike all the while he's telling all the visitors how awful their community were being treated by the World's Fair folks. Well, you had to be there, but your dad will probably chuckle. His embellishnment of the story is no doubt way better than mine. Another staffer at the WFFF up here found your blog I and wanted to give Bruce a big Skookum cheer and wish him a full and speedy recovery from up here in the PNW. I haven't seen Utah since he last performed in the opera house (imagine!!) at Seattle Center. Time gets away from us.
Give him our best and tell him we're pullin' for him.
Marcia Elston

Anonymous said...

I just learned of Utah's latest stay in the hospital on KPFA. So sorry to hear of his ill health. My fiancee and I saw him at The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI in May of last year, and it was a real treat.

Our best wishes to him.

--Lee and Mary