Sunday, February 10, 2008

Good Morning

Following the what has now become our standard routine. Joanna and I eased our way into the day with good conversation a cup of tea and the steady diet of hotel buffet breakfast. It's very odd, when your world narrows down to a defined routine of get up, eat, make phone calls go to the hospital,blog all the the things people do every day when their loved ones are are ill, you find simple and trivial ways to break up the routine. For instance you count things, there are seven steps to each set of stairs and there a four sets of stairs , twenty eight stairs in all between the floors of the hospital. I've counted four different types of hospital beds and a million shades of wall paper. Even when driving to the hospital I find myself taking roads that I have know idea were they go just to see if they go anywhere, you get the point.

This morning dad looks well, he did get some sleep through out the night and after a bath and some chow he's ready to forge on. His improvement is slow but he is steadily improving and hopefully will return home soon. You can all take comfort in the fact that he is getting the best care anyone could ever hope for. I will add more after the doctor s make their rounds.

I have been thinking about the direction an true purpose of this blog beyond keeping in touch with the outside world . It occurred to me that, obviously I know my father and you all know my father but we really don't know each and this seems like a good way to get to know each other.

Please do feel free to post what ever you want, I look forward to meeting you all if not in person in cyber space.


Anonymous said...

Duncan, Thanks for all the news (and photos). I check several times a day and appreciate your updates. Life outside the hospital must seem surreal. Please give your Dad my love, give Joanna a hug, and let them know that many are praying for you all.

duncan said...

Thanks I will

Historelli said...

Hi Duncan,

I'm a great fan of your dad's words & Music. I find a great sense of clarity in his philosophy of life, plus he is a great song writer!

My thoughts are with him during this time. Please send him my good wishes

bassgirl said...

Duncan, please give Utah our very best wishes from the Michigan family whose little toddler girl got to squeeze his red nose at Owen Sound, ONT, in 1987, then again as an adult college student several years later when he played in East Lansing, MI. He called it closure. :)

He has touched our lives in so many ways. We find we quote him often. We admire his honesty, humor, and tenacity. Too bad we could never draft him to run for president!

Wishing you and your family all the best!

Chico said...

Duncan, Thanks from Pennsylvania and please let your dad know we are pulling for him.The best to everyone. Hope the trip home is just around the corner.There is no place like home to make you fell better.

Cumthia Kennedy Sam said...

Hello there from a cold/rainy/slushy New England town - Cambridge MA. I'm Cynthia Kennedy Sam, soul sister of Deborah Cohen, who emailed me the blog information from Lisbon!
My first thoughts are to send strong, healing hugs to Utah. Then I want to say thank you and congratulations to Duncan. What a fabulous way to show your love and respect for your Dad.

I'm planning on attending the March 5th Tribute to Utah Phillipa at Club Passim in Haaahvard Square if you'd like me to do or say something, just email me.
I'm trying to figure out how to attach a photo to this. If you don't see one, please respond to tell me how. Best
C.K. Sam