Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Moving Day - Feb. 26,

Today is the day. As we speak the doctors and nurses are making the necessary arangments to discharge dad. At 10:00 we will receive the last of the training on the mobile pump system that dad will be plugged into by way of the Groshong port installed in Utah's chest. The pump will provide a constant supply of a drug called Melrinone. After the training and the customary two hour wait for a hospital wheelchair we will be on our way.
I will go into more detail later when we get home. For now you all can take comfort in knowing Utah is doing well and headed home.
Thank You


Anonymous said...

Is that Steve Silverbear's bus "Patches" in the photo? If it is, I put a motor in it and rewired the whole thing back in 1975. Sure looks like it, with the VW bus on top of it. We added that in Sacramento about 1976 or so.

It didn't have all those bicycles then, though. They must be for the many happy trails that stretch ahead for Utah!

Dan Scanlan

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to the man!
What's he reading these days?
David Levine

Anonymous said...

PS: I see that Bruce and Rosalie put out an album together. At the Spokane World's Fair in '74 Rosalie once did an afternoon concert of love songs your dad had written. They were non-political, tender, lovely songs that I've never seen published or recorded. Maybe Rosalie's the only one who remembers them. Are they around anywhere? Do you know about them?
Keep the blog going, Duncan. Thank you.
David Levine

Anonymous said...

It's about bloody time!

Mark Ross

Anonymous said...

All of us in Humboldt County send our best wishes for a swift return of Utah's strength. He is a beauty.

John Henry (the steelhead driving man) and family and friendswefs

Anonymous said...

i trust that someone has laid in a supply of spike jones videos in order to keep utah entertained. he's surely entertained the rest of us over these many years. hang in there,