Monday, February 11, 2008


It looks like all of the thoughts and prayers are taking hold. We have entered a new phase, the holding pattern. Utah is continuing to improve, he took a short walk around the hospital unit and his numbers (doctors jargon) are improving as well. Now it's just a matter of waiting for all the medications to perform their balancing act. I know Ive said it before but hopefully he will be home by the weeks end.

I don't have much else to report so hopefully you don't mind if I share another short story with you.

It was another one of our spontaneous family trips through Souther Utah dad was well known for. This time we pilled in dads old green and white VW micro bus. Some of you probably remember that bus old bus very well. It was a long trip down through Bryce then down to Zion National Park over to Capital Reef and back home by way of Moab. Somewhere between Capital Reef and Moab we stopped for lunch at an old beaten down dusty, wind swept rest stop. We had been on the road for a long time and our provisions were running low. Dad ever resourceful said he was going to brew up some tasty hot dog soup. I figured on some kind of hobo gourmet delight. Boy was I wright. Dad fired up the cooking stove and threw in the last couple of hot dogs that had been floating around in the melted cooler water. After the dogs boiled for awhile he got out the dinnerware, I was puzzled, mom and dad got plates, Kay, Scott and I got bowls. I soon found out why. Mom and Dad got the hot dogs and the kids got the water that the hot dogs were boiled in. I was wright it was a Hobos delight.

Hey , listen if you want me to skip the stories I understand, but it's a nice way to pass the time.


Smokestack said...

Duncan, Telll your Dad to get better soon. The stories are great, keep telling 'em. I've got a lot of well-wishes to pass on when he gets a chance to talk.

Mark Ross

coolhanduke said...

Don't stop the stories. It's like being there will you. I want to hear more about his kidneys. It's the pissers that keep me going. I check the blog 20 times a day. It's great to hear your Dad is kicking back and walking around. I'm yearning to hear his current political take on things. He always has a new headscratcher. Love and blessings to all. Dan

Delta Papa said...

Hey Dunc
Good Blog site. I've passed on the web address to all your cousins.
We are all pulling for Bruce.
Dave and Marge Phillips

Brian QTN said...

Hi Duncan
Thanks for creating an up to date blog. News becomes more of a community awareness with these new-fangled tools. We were talking about him on KBOO's Outside World program on Friday night. Word of the blog and podcasts are getting around.

Please tell him he is constant in these heart-thoughts and beholdance and I send him thanks for enriching my life and being. Glad to hear he is getting good care there. Like in any community situation, it is what people bring to the table that makes a difference for us all.

Thanks for yr stories too. Good to get to hear a bit more about who you are and about Utah too. Folks in Oregon are sending juice thataways!

Bess Twishes
Brian Cutean