Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feb. 24,

We arrived to the hospital with great anticipation. We were pleased to see dad sitting up in bed soaking in the view from his window as the rain and the wind swept in over the city. He was preparing himself for the day. His first stop was the exercise room. He managed five minutes on the exercise bike and ten minutes on the treadmill. His morning blood test was also very encouraging, his electrolyte level remains constant and he looks great. I honestly feel we may be home early in the week.

Last night Joanna and I enjoyed a very nice crepe dinner at a place on Valencia. We were joined by Nicholas and Ian, Joanna's two sons, my two step brothers, and Mary, Ian's lovely and thoughtful wife. It was a very nice diversion from our normal routine. We did receive a number of great suggestions for diner, hopefully we can save those for a more leisurely trip to San Francisco. Ian and Mary brought with them many fine treats. Perhaps the best was the Whoppi Cushion that we quickly put to use. When we eventually left dads hospital room for dinner. As we filed out of the room I deftly slipped it under his sheets before he got into bed ( I learned from the best ) Later as we sat around the table enjoying dinner we all laughed at the thought of him jumping into bed and the smile he must of had on his face.
When you can bust out the Whoppi Cushion you know things are getting better.

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