Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feb. 27

Good morning, dad slept well and is up enjoying the day.
A quick note, I know dad is home and he has many, many dear friends that want to talk to him and wish him well but at the moment I think he needs a few days to figure out his new routine. He will be taking 13 different medications two and three time a day in addition to the pump Joanna will have to replace the iv bag everyday. This needs to be the primary focus for the next few days. To be blunt if dads pump stops working so does he. Utah also wants to see and talk with everyone, Joanna and I have to tell him the same thing, one thing at a time. Normally the nurses come in very couple of hours to administer the meds, Joanna does this now, the times are very specific because of the number of meds he needs throughout the day. I hope everyone understands.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! We're so pleased to know you're back in your place...back in place. Best love to you from us.
Judith & Alexander

Molly Fisk said...

Hey, Bruce & Joanna & Duncan -
Welcome home! You must be out of your minds (more than usual, I mean). I've got two good escape books for you, and I'm going to come by and drop them off in one of the cars in the driveway - don't worry, I won't come in! There's a rotten flu going around Nevada County, so be extra careful about visitors.
Sheesh, did we miss you...
xox Molly

Student said...

duncan, the blog you have created for your dad is beautiful. good job. i am glad utah is doing better and is back at his home.

George said...

Utah, Joanna and Duncan: So glad to hear you're home.... when I left a message Monday I was still traveling and just assumed you'd been home for a week or so... best wishes, good luck in all efforts to strengthen that enormous heart and hoping to hear continued good news... George from NYC

gary said...

vjwjfHallelujah, and sing it again! We're celebrating your homecoming with you for sure, and so grateful.

thanks, duncan, for keeping up such a wonderful blog .. and our very best wishes to you all!

love and solidarity, betty and gary