Saturday, February 23, 2008

Feb. 23,

Yesterday turned out to be dads best to date. Joanna and I were anxious to get to the hospital this morning. We were hoping today would be the turning point we all have hoped for. When we arrived Utah was sitting up in his bed side chair reading the paper and informed us he had already taken a short walk and made use of the hospitals treadmill. Shortly there after one of his many doctors said his Potassium level - for the first time since he arrived three weeks ago is normal! Wow. It looks as if the pharmacy has finally been able to formulate the right combination and dosage of medications. One of the major factors in his turn around was when one of his doctors theorized that the Ambien he has been using to sleep was actually storing up in his body and that my have been the reason he has been so groggy and short tempered lately. I couldn't agree with here more. It didn't work, he was only sleeping a small portion of the night and would wake up every hour and then dose back to sleep. The morning has become the big test. Dad has had several good days but the good days have never carried over. So , yes, I think it is safe to say we can start to use the H word ( home ).

I know this comes as good news to all of you and I will update the blog more frequently as we navigate through the next few days.
Thank You


Molly Fisk said...

That faint sound you hear out the hospital window is a lot of us cheering from Nevada County, amplified by people all over the world.


xox Molly

Anonymous said...

All right! Good news at last. So glad to know you're feeling better.
Judith Roberts