Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feb. 24

Utah has spent most of the day sitting in a chair, reading and watching a little television. This is a welcomed change from the last few weeks and spending most of his days in bed. The nurse drew a blood sample around two and dads electrolyte levels have not fluctuated for the last couple of days.
When the doctors make their rounds dads room visits are shorter and noticeably more upbeat. For dad, returning home to his extended family and friends will be the best medicine of all. I take comfort and pleasure in knowing that when I to leave and return home to Salt Lake City and the every day realities of life, dad will remain in the hands and hearts of so many friends and comrades in Nevada City and around the world.
Thank You


Anonymous said...

Hi Utah....I and the rest of the crazies in the morning Cardio Maint. class at SNMH have been following your progress and definitely missing you. We folks who are a bit right of Huckaboom definitely miss you for the wonderful balance you bring to our political discussions. We need you and your middle of the road viewpoints and witicisms back ASAP.....I am a bit disappointed that you have not wearing your Thai Hill Country Tribal Hat. Hope to see you in class soon..Jim

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add my heartfelt wish for a successful recovery and many more years of hell raising, Utah. I stumbled across this blog while reading the posts in the Salt Lake Weekly about KRCL. I'm on the board of KDHX in St. Louis, who is one of the five community stations nationwide that CPB awarded grants. Sorry to hear about the intrafamilial warfare there, Duncan. Hope it all works out for the better. I also do a show called The Back Country, which has featured Utah's music in the past. Living in a small town called Glen Carbon--coal valley--across the M.I.S.I.P in Illinois, we appreciate everyone who's on the side of working men and women and the oppressed. Great news about going home now on the horizon. Utah, you have so many wonderful friends and family to welcome you home. Count me among them.
Jeff Corbin