Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm curious

Every year when we traveled to Portland for Winterfolk we always stopped for lunch and ice cream at Tully,s in Oakland Or. have any of you ever stopped there?


Anonymous said...

Duncan I have about 10 years ago, if it's the same place, an old style diner right downtown?

Mark Ross

Greg Bandy said...

I first encountered Utah Phillips via his Loafer's Glory show being broadcast on WMMT out of Whitesburg, KY. I had found the radio station on the internet (I live in Atlanta) right after 9/11. I was weary of all the terrible news and needed a break. Being an old Kentucky boy, I did a search for Kentucky radio stations on the 'net, found WMMT and Appalshop, and the rest is history.

Utah's program quickly became one of my favorites. I loved the humor, the insight, and the wisdom I received. My stepfather, his brother, and their late father are / were all union men (IBEW), so I appreciated the pro-labor, pro-worker messages as well. I was especially reminded of my late step-grandfather's wonderful stories, such as working at Oak Ridge, TN during WWII, and others.

In a world of pre-packaged, lowest common denominator, "beautiful person" entertainment, it's a rare and delightful experience to encounter a truly beautiful soul like Utah Phillips. There are few people that I can say have changed my life, and Utah is one of them. I wish you the best for a speedy recovery, hope you get home soon, and look forward to hearing more from you during the time we all have left on this crazy ride we call life.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Duncan; I judge every town I visit by the way the bars are and the food they sell.Ice cream stands too!!! I don't go to chain restaurants, it is a part of America I would just as soon pass up. Seems like you only run into the class folks at the wrong end of town.I had a friend tell me that I was the only person he knew that when buying a house had the realtor take me to all the restaurants and bars before I looked at the houses. HA Ha But it is the truth. When I was a kid I was amazed by the coat hanger devices that the railroad guys used to heat their sandwiches on the pot belly stoves. No microwave, oh ya they were not invented yet...My point is you don't get that stuff at McD's.. Keep up the good work and please take some of that good food to your dad. I am sure he has had his fill of the hospital variety. Keith Bednar

Anonymous said...

Utah, best wishes for a speedy recovery and escape back to the foothills!
I first encountered you through a radio station as well, KUOP - around 1983, when you came to Stockton to do a concert with Kate Wolf. I've been a fan ever since. Take care, hope to hear you on KVMR once again soon!
Jerri Third (Rudd)
aka Tabasco Sal, "Prairie Fires & Paper Moons", KUOP, Stockton CA 1982 - 1999